Levaquin belongs to the course of medicines called quinolone prescription antibiotics. This medicine quits the growth of microorganisms and helps to address bacteria-induced infections. Levaquin mishandles for the therapy of viral infections. Unless or else recommended by your physician Levaquin ought to be taken daily by mouth with a full glass of water. Prior to taking this medicine you must tell your doctor whether you are currently taking any various other medicines that might create medicine communication and lessen the efficiency of Levaquin.

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Even if your signs disappear after a few days do not quit taking Levaquin - continue till the entire quantity prescribed is completed. As all prescription antibiotics Levaquin is most effective when you keep a certain degree of this medicine in your blood - as a result it's vital to take it at normal periods.

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Negative side effects you might experience while taking this medicine are looseness of the bowels, drowsiness, dizziness, hassle, or difficulty sleeping. , if these impacts get worse or are annoying call your doctor as you could really need a dosage modification.. If any of the adhering to substantial negative effects develop you should seek immediate health care focus: joint, muscle or ligament discomfort or puffinessing, uneven heartbeat, chest pain, dark urine, change in the quantity of urine, simple bruising, fainting, mood swings, consistent queasiness or vomiting, seizures, fatigue or jaundice.

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